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dacarson-teds-2006I recently compiled a comprehensive bibliography of D. A. Carson’s publications so that it could be hosted on Carson’s page at The Gospel Coalition’s site.

How the Bibliography Is Organized

The publications are listed chronologically under five categories by the date they were first published:

  1. Books (currently 50 listed)
  2. Articles (currently 237 listed)
  3. Reviews (currently 112 listed)
  4. Lyrics
  5. Edited Series

Some of the books and articles are linked to Amazon.com, and others are linked to PDFs available for free on TGC site. Further, most of the articles and reviews are also linked to PDFs.

Note: (1) The PDFs may not be uploaded to other sites without written permission from the copyright holders. (2) I plan to continue updating the bibliography, so please let me know if you spot any errors such as typos or omissions.

Benefits of the Carson PDFs hosted by TGC

  1. Number: The bibliography of Carson’s publications currently links to about 350 PDFs hosted on TGC site. The vast majority of them have not been available online previously.
  2. Price: All the PDFs are free. (A few dozen of them were previously sold for $0.99 each at ChristWay Media.) This includes over 300 articles and reviews as well as the following nine books:
  3. Format: The PDFs preserve exact pagination, which is valuable for citations. Also, I’ve systematically formatted each PDF by cropping, enabling OCR (i.e., so one can search them, copy and paste, etc.), and making other general improvements  (whiting out advertisements in magazine articles, whiting out other books reviews from journals, whiting out printing smudges, etc.).
  4. Convenience: Never before have so many PDFs of Carson’s publications been available online at a single website, and no user name or password is needed to download them. I would suggest using a tool such as the Firefox extension “DownThemAll!” to download all the PDFs most efficiently (i.e., by selecting to download all items on the webpage with a .pdf extension).
  5. Labels: The PDFs are uniformly tagged (e.g., title, topic, date), and the format of the names of the PDFs themselves are also consistent (e.g., “2009_scholar_as_pastor.pdf″).
  6. Content: When it comes to evaluating the content of Carson’s publications, I’m probably not as objective as others would be since I’m his full-time research assistant and he’s my doctoral mentor, but I don’t think it’s hagiographic to say that Carson is one of the finest NT scholars alive. When I arrived at Trinity in summer 2006, Willem VanGemeren, the director of the PhD program for theological studies at TEDS, advised me to get to know the professor whom I would like to be my mentor for the PhD program. One important way to do that, he suggested, is to read that professor’s works and become very familiar with them. So I did. It took a long time, but not a moment of that was wasted. I’d highly recommend that you redeem the time by systematically reading Carson’s books, articles, and reviews. They’re articulate, informed, thoughtful, engaging, and edifying. He exalts Christ by exegeting his words, tracing themes through the Bible’s salvation-historical storyline, addressing hot topics with clarity and nuance, and engaging and confronting bad theology as well as the culture.

Discouraged or Grateful to God?

Some people, especially pastors and professors, may look at the list of Carson’s publications and be tempted to get discouraged.  “How can one man do all that? I’m such a failure.” If that’s how you’re tempted to feel, let me encourage you by sharing an insight I learned from Peter T. O’Brien, one of Carson’s best friends. When O’Brien was at TEDS in September 2006 to teach a block course, he shared his narrative with a group of PhD students, and I’ve not forgotten his valuable counsel that led me to this conclusion: by God’s grace I will serve him with the gifts he has given me and not feel inferior for the childish reason that I am not as gifted as someone else; rather, I will thank God for gracing me with gifts to the church like D. A. Carson.

Update: Justin Taylor writes,

Dr. Carson’s sheer productivity is nothing less than astonishing. One could become tired just working through the latest numbers: he has written 50 books; 235 articles; 112 book reviews; and 46 edited books in the various series he edits. Average it out and it comes to about one book written or edited every four months, with one article and two reviews written every six weeks—for three decades.


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  1. Jonathan Hicks says

    This is great! I just downloaded all the PDFs of the books, but the PDF for For the Love of God Vol. 1 didn’t come through. I can’t seem to view it online either.

  2. Jonathan Hicks says

    It appears to download fine, but then I’m not able to open it in Preview. I can open it using Adobe Reader though. Strange.

  3. says

    Thank you for what I am sure was a tremendous amount of work on your own part. This is going to be a wonderfully helpful resource.

    Danny Slavich

  4. Kyle Dunham says

    Thanks for your work in making these available, and also for your Peter O’Brien anecdote. It’s a good reminder to press on for the glory of God using fully (and contentedly) whatever gifts and opportunities God grants you. “Parallelomania” unfortunately does not confine itself to the study of ancient texts. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. says

    Andy, thanks so much.

    I’ve always been amazed that I didn’t hear more about the book Letters Along the Way. It’s one that I believe all young pastors should read.

    I’ll download it and put it on my Kindle.

  6. Kendall Harris says


    What an incredible resource! Thank you for your diligence on this and the word of encouragement at the end. Thank you for your part in making such resources available to the rest of the body of Christ and to me personally. I am trying to read and listen to as much Carson as I can. Thank you! Hope your family is doing well!


  7. Jamie Houghton says

    Andy, thank you. This is simply superb. My thanks to you & Don for making such a large portion of a life’s work of writting avaliable for free. Simply astounding.
    We are geatly blessed.

    PS – Did anyone have difficulty downloading 2004 mystery & fulfillment?

  8. says

    Hi Andy

    Vol 1 For Love of God – downloads, doesnt open in Preview on Mac, but will open in Adobe Reader. However when I try to open it in Acrobat Professional 6 it gives the warning “There was an error opening this document. Bad encrypt dictionary”

    It might need opened and resaved in a higher version of Professional or whatever created it.

    Just incase that helps – but a MASSIVE thanks for all the hard work. Also in case you are interested I put an index together for Letters along hte way – you can find it here

  9. Martin T says

    This is great thanks!

    There does seem to be a problem with the link to article 29 – Rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Would be grateful if you could fix that please?

  10. says

    Thanks, all.

    Jamie, we’ll be unlinking the “Mystery and Fulfillment” article. We are not hosting a PDF for that at the publisher’s request.

    Mark, maybe you should upgrade to Acrobat Professional 9?

    Martin, good catch. Article 29 should be fixed soon.

  11. says

    What an amazing collection of resources, Andy. Thanks for this!

    (BTW, are you sure Dr. Carson isn’t a robot? I’m assuming you’ve seen him eat and such, right? Mercy.)

  12. Antony Billington says

    What a generous service you, Carson, and the publishers have performed for us! An excellent resource. Grateful thanks.

  13. Andy Devine says

    Thank you for this resource page! I have always dipped my toes into a few of his writings but never anything substantial. With this resource page of 200+ articles alone it is amazing . . . even the ones from the 70’s are still relevant for today’s studies. I am looking forward to downloading them all. :) Might take a while though . . . LOL

  14. says

    Andy, Many thanks for these links, especially the free PDFs! I too have found Dr Carson’s ministry very helpful and am looking forward to his visit to Word Alive in UK later this year. I noticed Desiring God is hosting a free PDF of his joint publication with John Piper too? Thanks Allan


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