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Owen Strachan recently posted forthcoming events sponsored by the Henry Center. All of these should be recorded and uploaded to the Henry Center’s media page. I’m particularly looking forward to these three events in October: Continue Reading…

SBL Handbook of Style

Andy Naselli —  September 4, 2008 — 6 Comments

I typically consult The SBL Handbook of Style a couple of times each week to double-check various format and style issues. I was just delighted to learn that the entire book is available for free online as a PDF!

Update: The SBL site now says, “You must login to download The SBL Handbook of Style.”

Chawkat Moucarry on Islam

Andy Naselli —  September 2, 2008 — 1 Comment

The fourth essay in Christ on Campus Initiative’s series was just published: Chawkat Moucarry’s “A Christian Perspective on Islam.” (The essays are also hosted by the Henry Center.)

The CCI essays are (1) by evangelical scholars, (2) geared for campus evangelism, and (3) edited by D. A. Carson.

Here’s the outline for Moucarry’s essay:

1. The Bible: The Christian Scripture

Continue Reading…

I recently interviewed S. M. Baugh re his notes on Ephesians for the ESV Study Bible. Crossway has made his introduction and notes to Ephesians 1 available here. The interview is published on Justin Taylor’s blog.

Attendees of the recent New Attitude conference voted on some tough Bible questions, and NA just published Justin Taylor’s answer to this one: “How Could God Command Genocide?