HCSB vs. ESV vs. NIV

Andy Naselli —  November 30, 2011 — 5 Comments

Two months ago Liberty University hosted a discussion on Bible translation between three Bible translators:

  1. Ray Clendenen (HCSB)
  2. Wayne Grudem (ESV)
  3. Doug Moo (NIV)

I watched the three presentations and Q&A this week, and they helpfully introduce the issue:







Panel Q&A


I’m looking forward to B&H’s book next year that will present four perspectives on Bible translation authored by the three men above plus Philip Comfort (NLT), edited by Dave Croteau and Andreas Köstenberger.


  1. The Best All-Around Book on Bible Translation
  2. How to Disagree about Bible Translation Philosophy

5 responses to HCSB vs. ESV vs. NIV

  1. I appreciate you posting this. Thank you. Likewise, I thought the presentations were helpful and informative. One question though, is there any way of viewing more of the BBC documentary that Dr. Grudem showed at the beginning of his presentation? I would enjoy seeing more.

  2. Mike, this is the only version of the video available online as far as I know. It condenses in just four minutes a very lengthy discussion.


  3. Interestingly they voted for Bond-servant. However, in the translation today it is slave and bondservant is noted in the footnote, at least on the Bible Gateway version of the ESV.

  4. Thanks, Andy! I remember having a class with Dr. Grudem in seminary when he shared with us his experience on the translation team. It was very interesting. To see a bit of it here is an added benefit.

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