Themelios 39.1

ThemTGC published the latest issue of Themelios this morning.

I reviewed the Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle from Logos Bible Software.

Two highlights:

  1. the back-and-forth between Tom Schreiner and Gerald Bray on biblical and systematic theology
  2. the understated review article by Bob Yarbrough on a recent book that advocates historical criticism


  1. says

    Dr. Naselli, thank you for the update. I just added this to my logos. I enjoyed the interaction between Dr. Gerald Bray and Dr. Schreiner, from whom I learned quite a lot. Dr. Bray’s command of historical theology is outstanding; especially “Doctrine of God” was very helpful. Dr. Schreiner’s superb solid exegesis is humbling, and looking to take his classes yet again and again. However, this interaction has alarmed me of the need to have systematicians and biblical scholars to take this conversation to a greater scale. Some of Dr. Bray’s criticism hinted at this need, at least for me. Do you know any future prospect coming up?

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