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    I’m actually holding out for the Star Wars Bible. I hear they’re going to sub in “Darth” everywhere that “Satan” or “the Devil” occurs, “Obi Wan” everywhere “Jesus” occurs, and “Force” everywhere “Spirit” occurs. It’ll also have little in-set articles by C-3PO that will be both highly intelligent and highly annoying.

    It’s gonna blow the ESV Study Bible out of the water. Especially the edition bound in Wookie fur.

  2. says

    “Learn to search the Bible with your tour guide Dora the Explorer! This delightful Bible will take your child on an exciting bilingual journey through Bible stories. ‘Oh, look!. It’s our Bible safari leader Juan the Baptist.'”

  3. Link McGinnis says

    Pretty funny, really. I’ll admit there seems to be too many editions from each translation. But, contrary to the funny comments above, the text of the Bible is unchanged. Hopefully, there will be sidebar content to help kids get more out of the reading – and will probably help the want to read it at all. I’d say that would be a good result – wouldn’t you?

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