The Perseus Collections: Nearly 1,500 Free Books for Logos 4

Logos Bible Software is giving away nearly 1,500 books: The Perseus Collections.

You heard that right: nearly 1,500 free books.

I’ve already downloaded and browsed the collections, and I’m impressed. I love having all these resources in Logos format.

Learn more about the Perseus Collections here:

You can pre-order these collections by selecting these items:

  1. Perseus Classics Collection (1,114 vols.)
  2. Perseus Civil War and 19th Century American Collection (340 vols.)
  3. Perseus Arabic Collection (39 vols.)
  4. Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.)
  5. Beowulf
  6. Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (256 vols.)
  7. Richmond Times-Dispatch (6 vols.)

There are no strings attached, but there is a timing-issue: When the Perseus Collections go live on September 30, Logos won’t be able to continue taking orders for a while as they process all the pre-orders they’ve received. So if you want to get the Perseus Collections as soon as possible, pre-order them before September 30.



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