Doug Moo Videos on Romans in Logos Bible Software

Doug Moo is my favorite exegete on Romans, a letter he has studied carefully for over forty years. (See my chronological list of his publications on Romans.)

So I’m delighted that Logos Bible Software recently released a new course: Doug Moo on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

  • It includes about 10 hours of video clips of Doug Moo explaining Romans.
  • Doug recorded these lectures in a studio at the Logos headquarters during a week in August 2013.
  • This course releases after Logos’s first bundle of courses

     for “Logos Mobile Education.” Logos sees the educational space as one ripe for technological innovation, and they plan to add many more courses. Unlike tradition education, you get to “take the professor with you.” And the cost is lower than what most schools charge to audit a course.

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Son of God: The New Movie

Here’s a trailer for Son of God, a movie that opens in theaters starting Friday, February 28:

Son_Of_GodThis movie abridges footage from the History Channel’s The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.

Here are 3 reasons I don’t enthusiastically recommend that.


  1. Tim Challies, “Writing Checks to Mel Gibson
  2. Tim Challies, “Son of God Will Show Crucifixion, Not the Cross

Update on 3/4/2014: My friend Matthew Hoskinson reviews the movie. (He pastors in Manhattan and saw an advance screening of the film that the producers hosted.)

Preparing Your Teens for College

ChediakThis book releases on March 1:

Alex Chediak. Preparing Your Teens for College: Faith, Friends, Finances, and Much More. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale, 2014. 64-page sample PDF. 2-minute video trailer.

Chediak’s 2011 book is for teens. This one is for their parents. Both are helpful guides.

And WTS Books has a special sale on Chediak’s book starting today. [Read more…]

What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done


Matt Perman has been working on this book for a long time, and it’s scheduled to release on March 4:

Matt Perman. What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014. 351 pp. 45-page PDF sample.

I’ve read a bit on productivity (not nearly as much as Matt), and this book is overall the most helpful one I’m aware of because it combines the best of the productivity literature (like David Allen’s Getting Things Done) with sound theology.

That’s why John Piper writes this in the foreword: [Read more…]

David Platt Quotes Romans 1–8

I’ve been listening to MP3s from the recent Cross Conference, and I was so edified by David Platt’s sermon “Mobilizing God’s Army for the Great Commission.” In the middle of his sermon, Platt quotes Romans 1–8 from memory. It’s powerful.

Watch it from about about 29:10 to 51:55 (video | audio):

I heard it for the first time early last Thursday morning, and I was so moved by it that I listened to it again with my colleague Jason DeRouchie when we drove to the BCS campus together. And then I watched it in my office before class. So edifying.

How to Make Your Mac Read Text Aloud

Did you know that your Mac can read text aloud? The feature is called “Text to Speech.”

I’ve been using it in three ways:

  1. Listen to a relatively long blog post or email while doing something else that allows me to multitask.
  2. Listen to something I’m copy-editing (whether it’s something that I or someone else wrote). This helps pace me, and it helps me spot typos. Sometimes my ears hear errors that my eyes miss.
  3. Listen to an English Bible translation that I don’t already own as an audio-Bible. (On listening to audio-Bibles, see here and here.) This is especially helpful when you want to listen to a variety of English translations while looking at a particular passage in Greek or Hebrew.

So how do you do this on a Mac?

1. Open “System Preferences,” and select “Dictation & Speech.”

SP [Read more…]