adamThis debate-book releases on December 10:

Matthew Barrett and Ardel B. Caneday, eds. Four Views on the Historical Adam. Counterpoints. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2013. 288 pp.

I read an uncorrected proof of the book, so I won’t quote from it. But I’m happy to relay that it’s stimulating (as Counterpoints volumes usually are).

The book has three sections: Continue Reading…

This Logos collection is worth owning:


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This is a Logos collection worth owning:


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fallenThis new book on sin has an impressive lineup of contributors and makes a good series even better:

Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson, eds. Fallen: A Theology of Sin. Theology in Community. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013. 314 pp.

The 32-page PDF sample includes D. A. Carson’s chapter “Sin’s Contemporary Significance.” Continue Reading…

greenThis 640-page handbook is worth adding to your library:

Joel B. Green and Lee Martin McDonald, eds. The World of the New Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2013.

You can view the contents and contributors via Amazon’s “look inside” feature.


  1. Is ‘Background Information’ Ever Necessary to Understand the Bible?
  2. Extracanonical Jewish Literature That Is Significant for NT Studies
  3. The Importance of Extracanonical Jewish Literature for NT Studies


BurkThis book just released (a few weeks ahead of schedule):

Denny Burk. What Is the Meaning of Sex? Wheaton: Crossway, 2013.

My endorsement: Continue Reading…

Two of my seminary church history professors wrote textbooks that released this fall:

Beale1 Beale2 woodbridge

  1. David Beale. Historical Theology in-Depth: Themes and Contexts of Doctrinal Development Since the First Century. 2 vols. [Volume 1 | Volume 2] Greenville, SC: Bob Jones University Press, 2013. 532 + 505 pp. (“Look inside” here and here.)
  2. John D. Woodbridge and Frank A. James III. Church History, Volume 2: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day; The Rise and Growth of the Church in Its Cultural, Intellectual, and Political Context. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2013. 864 pp. 25-page PDF sample. (This is the sequel to Everett Ferguson’s volume 1.)

David Beale taught me at Bob Jones University, and John Woodbridge taught me at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Continue Reading…