Lloyd-Jones: “I prefer to call myself a conservative evangelical”

From a rare interview with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (see 5:45–7:18):

Question [at 6:07 in the video]: Are you a fundamentalist?

Lloyd-Jones’s answer: Like many others I don’t like the term. I prefer to call myself a conservative evangelical. That is very largely because of the abuse of the term, I think, in the United States. But I am a conservative evangelical . . . .

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  1. David Oestreich says

    Ha! I love the British sensibility:”Well . . . it’s . . . one doesn’t want to be offensive . . .”

  2. says

    I work for a major national bank in the Twin Cities. Out in the ‘real world’ … away from seminarians & pastors, the term ‘fundamentalist’ has virtually universal negative connotations (think ‘Islamic fundamentalists’). That is my # 1 reason for not using the term.

    Secondly, the rabid, so-called militant fundamentalists have largely disavowed me. I’m ok with that.

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