John Frame’s Systematic Theology

Andy Naselli —  October 10, 2013 — 10 Comments

titleIn 2006 John Frame’s short systematic theology released.

On November 1 (seven years later), his massive systematic theology will release:

John M. Frame. Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief. Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed, 2013. 1,280 pages.

I recently read it, and I’m already planning to use it for some theology classes I’m scheduled to teach in 2014.

It’s typical John Frame: clear, unassuming, logical, and filled with threes. (If John Frame were a basketball player, he would shoot only 3s.)





1. Two other new STs release this fall:

2. John Frame’s Advice: 30 Suggestions for Theological Students and Young Theologians

3. My Interview with John Frame on the Problem of Evil

10 responses to John Frame’s Systematic Theology

  1. Mark Snoeberger October 10, 2013 at 6:21 am

    Amazon lists this as a paperback. Is that right? Seems like an awfully big book to be a paperback.

  2. Does this contain a lot of new material or is it primarily pulled from his Theology of Lordship series?

  3. Will this be available on Logos?

  4. Andy, thanks for the heads up. I thought DWG is Frame at his best yet. I didn’t see this one coming. More Triads since DG? There were 112! :-)

  5. Wow, new materials than that in his Lordship series? I need to pre-order this!

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