Jason DeRouchie’s Survey of Jesus’ Bible

surveyI can’t think of another OT seminary professor I’d rather team up with than Jason DeRouchie (pronounced deh-ROW-shee). He embodies Ezra 7:10. We spend about three hours together each week while commuting, and the better I get to know him the more I thank God for him.

Jason has been working on a 500-page book for about seven years, and it releases today:

Jason S. DeRouchie, ed. What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Jesus’ Bible. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2013. 496 pp.

I love the subtitle.

My endorsement:

derouchie[1] DeRouchie unapologetically explains that this is not a theology of the Hebrew Bible on its own but a Christian Old Testament survey. Now that we have the whole story, how can we not read the first part in light of the whole? [2] This clear and attractive book combines academic rigor with devotional warmth. [3] Each chapter is message-driven; it briefly addresses introductory matters such as authorship and date, but it is not preoccupied with them. [4] The authors have taught Old Testament courses many times, and they know how to connect with students.




Check out this 37-page PDF sample, which includes chapter 1: “Jesus’ Bible: An Overview” by Jason DeRouchie.


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    Having been a student of “Dr. D” I am eagerly looking forward to getting a copy of this. Thanks for the reminder that it is now available. May the Lord bless both of your teaching ministries at BCS.

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    I must admit that I had never heard of Jason DeRouchie, Ph.D., but after reading your recommendation plus the fact that it took the good doctor seven years to write this book I will be purchasing a copy. Thanks be to God that there are still serious minded men writing serious books. That Jason DeRouchie, Ph.D. spent seven years writing this book speaks volumes. Highly commendable!

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    We are delighted with this text, having used it in pdf form last year, and now just received 160 copies for our intro OT Panorama course this fall at Willingdon School of the Bible. Can’t recommend it highly enough! We’re using it along with Janet Pope’s book on memorizing Scripture.


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