Is ‘Background Information’ Ever Necessary to Understand the Bible?

I attempt to answer that question on TGC’s blog.


  1. Dangers If You Answer Yes
  2. Dangers If You Answer No
  3. Illustration: Wayne Grudem Answers No
  4. Does that Mean that the Bible Isn’t Sufficiently Clear?


  1. Mike Bird reflects on the question.
  2. Don Carson and John Piper discuss the merits of studying hermeneutics and how much time teachers should spend investigating extrabiblical sources:


  1. says

    A helpful answer, Andy. Thanks. I, too, find Grudem’s disjunction between issues of lexicography and historical context problematic. I sometimes wonder whether the term “perspicuity” suggests (whether an an author wishes it or not) too high a degree of clarity of the biblical texts. Perhaps “sufficiently clear” is better?


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