How should churches relate to others with same-sex attractions? Read Peter Hubbard.

lightPeter Hubbard is a gifted teacher, and he wisely navigates what are uncharted waters for many Christians: How should churches relate to others with same-sex attractions?

Peter Hubbard. Love into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual, and the Church. Greenville, SC: Ambassador International, 2013. 175 pp.

PeterI’ve been encouraging Peter to publish this book, and I’m grateful he did. He is writing his DMin thesis on homosexuality under Ed Welch at Westminster Theological Seminary, and he has been giving this issue a lot thought for several years, including a sermon series in 2011 (see especially the final sermon). Peter has served as the lead pastor of North Hills Community Church since 1992.

The book is especially timely for our culture, especially in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions and what’s happening with Exodus International.

A helpful website supplements the book. Some highlights:

  1. Peter Hubbard, “Same-Sex Marriage: How Should Christians Respond?
  2. Peter Hubbard, “What Happened to Exodus International?
  3. Peter Hubbard, “Lead Into Light: A Call to Pastors to Talk Faithfully and Helpfully about Same-sex Attraction
  4. Video interview with Ed Welch


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