Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism

Coming in fall 2011:

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Introduction: Collin Hansen

  1. Fundamentalism: Kevin T. Bauder
  2. Confessional Evangelicalism: R. Albert Mohler Jr.
  3. Generic Evangelicalism: John G. Stackhouse Jr.
  4. Postconservative Evangelicalism: Roger E. Olson

(The authors respond to the other essays, following the format of the Counterpoints series, which breaks down into two categories: Bible and Theology [formerly called Exploring Theology] and Church Life.)

Conclusion: Andrew David Naselli

More on this later. We still have work to do.


  1. ricky blaha says

    This sounds like it should be a fascinating book. I will look forward to reading it. Thanks, Andy, for working so hard on stuff like this.

  2. Jeremy Horneck says

    As a fundamentalist (of Bauder’s definition), I cannot wait to see this book come out. I read an early draft of Bauder’s section and I think it will be very helpful to show those to the left of us that there is a reason we call ourselves fundamentalists that has nothing to do with the KJV or anti-calvinism. It will also be (hopefully, if they read this “liberal” stuff) eye-opening to those to the right of us that there is a whole section of fundamentalism that they ignore.

  3. says


    Thanks for editing this volume. I believe it may prove helpful in many ways. I’m particularly hopeful that views 1 and 2 will gain a better understanding of the one another’s concerns, convictions, and priorities, resulting in greater mutual appreciation and, where appropriate, cooperation.

    Bob Gonzales


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