Ephesians 6:1 Playlist

I created a playlist for different renditions of Ephesians 6:1 in song. It’s only 9.2 minutes long, but it comes in handy sometimes!

  1. Children Desiring God (free download)
  2. Steve Green
  3. Seeds Family Worship (includes vv. 1–4)
  4. Hide the Word (track 2)
  5. Questions with Answers, vol. 4: The Word of God (track 5) (Cf. this video of Dana Dirksen previewing this song two years ago.)

(And yes, I realize that it’s possible to abuse Eph 6:1 and that the ultimate goal of parenting isn’t external obedience.)


  1. Bible Memory for Young Children
  2. An ominous video from two years ago:


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