Watch Doug Moo Lecture on Romans in 53 Segments

Andy Naselli —  December 21, 2012 — 7 Comments

Doug Moo is my favorite commentator on Paul’s letter to the Romans. (I list 17 of his publications on Romans here.)

So I was delighted to learn this morning that just announced a new class: Doug Moo on Romans. The course was recorded during a D.Min. seminar in May 2012.

You can watch Moo lecture on Romans in 53 segments for free, but unfortunately you can only stream it online. But you can download the audio. (They’re currently working on an app for the resources on the site.)

Update on 4/3/2013: I downloaded all 53 MP3s and imported them into an iTunes playlist (15.8 hours), and yesterday and today I listened to all 53 MP3s (on double-speed) while doing other tasks. Time well spent.

  • Doug doesn’t teach through Romans verse by verse but instead focuses on important and debated passages.
  • This also includes some Q&A with students, which is usually not terribly insightful but is still worth listening to in order to hear Doug interact with the students.
  • Doug models theological humility.

7 responses to Watch Doug Moo Lecture on Romans in 53 Segments

  1. Andy,

    The download feature is available (I just downloaded the first third of the course to listen to on our holiday road trip). You just need to be signed in, and then click through to each lecture. Then on the left will be an MP3 download link. Enjoy!

    • Thanks, James. I just updated the post.

      I have downloaded many MP3 files in the past, but I thought that maybe the site changed their policy, especially in light of what I read here: “Our most requested feature is to be able to download all the lectures for a class and listen to them even when not connected to wifi.”

  2. What a wonderful resource and opportunity! I am very thankful that this has so graciously and generously been provided! I pray that many will take the opportunity to sit at this gifted teacher’s feet! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am passing it along.

  3. This is great news! Moo is my favorite on Romans as well.

  4. Andy
    Thank you for a pointer to this wonderful resource.

  5. Thanks, Andy! What a great resource. Thanks for making us aware of this. And a merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Wow, Andy, looks like could be a gold mine!

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