Tyndale Commentaries

Less than one week remains before Logos Bible Software releases the Tyndale Commentaries, a 49-volume series that covers the OT and NT. The pre-pub price is $179.95, which is about $3.67 per volume, and it will go up after the product ships.

I own print copies of all the NT volumes and several OT volumes, but I’m planning to get the Logos version because using Libronix is far more efficient than using print books. I’ve argued this in some previous reviews:
Related: Logos is offering discounts on new base package purchases and upgrades for Logos 4 through the end of the month.


  1. Drue Mc Laughlin says

    Appreciated your review on the logos software..I too had problems with the lack of support for the zondervan step\software of many years ago, which means I will never purchase their gear again!!
    Can all librinix softaware run under the logos software eg am looking at getting the Tydale commetary set you aluded to but can buy the librinix version in Australia for $120 !! will it work with version 4 logos??

  2. says

    Drue, all Libronix software will run on Logos 4. We’ve gone through many versions and book formats over the years, but we provide free updates to those books in the latest format to our customers. If you’ve never installed Libronix before, you’ll want to call (800-875-6467) or email ([email protected]) our support team to activate a Libornix product.

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