The New Go-to Book on the NT Canon

Michael J. Kruger. Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books Wheaton: Crossway, 2012. 368 pp.

  • 58-page (!) PDF sample
  • 7 glowing endorsements (including Michael Horton, John Frame, and Charles Hill)
  • 4 lectures by Kruger on the canon
  • 3-minute video by Kruger on the canon


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  1. Erick Barra says

    Thanks for the notice!

    I am currently working through documents of the early church as well as reading Eusebius. Currently the concern I have in my study is why ado we as modern day protestants reject the sacred traditions of the united church who made the decisions on which books go into the canon? The councils which declared canonicity to certain documents held traditions that were equally from God as the scriptures such as the Eucharist offering, infant baptism, baptismal regeneration, apostolic succession, etc, etc

  2. says


    Thanks for promoting this book. I thought it was a great read too. The accompanying lectures were also very helpful as a supplement to reading it.

    What were your thoughts on how he tied in “covenant document” ideas?

  3. Erick Barra says

    Does he touch up on the problem of how the councils and Christians who decided what was inspired held traditions which were viewed as equally ordained of God?

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