Two Critical and Thoughtful Reviews of Tim Tebow’s Book

I’ve been following Tim Tebow pretty closely for the last two years, and the last three months have been a lot of fun!

I shared some thoughts about Tebow’s autobiography last August, and today I read two other critical and thoughtful reviews:

  1. Ted Kluck
  2. Daniel Threlfall

The reviews and authors differ:

  • Ted’s review is old (September 20, 2011); Daniel’s is new (posted today). But rereading Ted’s review today in light of what has happened since September is especially interesting.
  • Ted is a professional sports writer; Daniel doesn’t really follow sports. (Daniel is a good friend; we’re in the same small group in our church.)
  • Ted almost got the job to help write Tebow’s book; Daniel just read the book recently out of curiosity.

But both reviews are critical and thoughtful.

While not necessarily disagreeing with them, my general perspective is more positive and less cynical. Tebow’s mission field is massive, and I thank God that—win or lose—Tebow is shrewdly stewarding his influence.


Highlights from Sunday night’s game:


  1. Michael Shafran says

    I am thankful for the testimony which he has and for how he is in no way ashamed of Christ. It is nice to show that example to my kids too. He is also a good topic of conversation for the sake of the gospel. I have been pulling for him all season too. Well, being from Pittsburgh and a 6 x super bowl champion Steelers fan, I wanted him to have a “good” game on Sunday with “impressive stats”…. just not win! Thanks for the post anyway (though it could have been done without the Steelers-Broncos highlights…)

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