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chuteChute, Anthony L., Christopher W. Morgan, and Robert A. Peterson, eds. Why We Belong: Evangelical Unity and Denominational Diversity. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013. 251 pp.

My endorsement:

This book promotes a healthy Christian unity by showing how and why God’s family is much larger than any one denomination. Continue Reading…

Last week The Gospel Coalition Network (TGCN) opened using a version of Zondervan’s “The City.” Adrian Warnock shares the details.

One of the challenges of maintaining a network like this is administrating it. Consequently, last week D. A. Carson drafted the terms of use that distinguish between “participants” and “members” (posted here with permission):

Welcome to The Gospel Coalition Network!

We invite individuals to sign up to TGCN on one of two levels.

  1. Participants need only fill out the digital forms that follow, and join in the discussion. You do not have to agree with The Gospel Coalition; you do not have to be a Christian. The “participants” level is for anyone wanting to engage in networking and in discussion of common themes with other people.
  2. Members are asked to take a further step in the registration process: you are asked to read our Foundation Documents, all of which are available online—Preamble, Statement of Faith, and Theological Vision of Ministry—and signal your agreement with these documents, without mental reservation. Only members will be allowed to start new groups on the Network.

You have every right to know what our reasoning is.

First, we take some inspiration from the brilliant organizational skills of John Wesley. Continue Reading…

On January 23, 2009, James MacDonald posted “Why Brian McLaren is like my Palm Pilot.”

Today he posted a follow-up: “The Public Rebuke of False Teachers.”

John Woodhouse on Unity

Andy Naselli —  December 18, 2007 — 1 Comment

The Briefing published a thoughtful three-part series by John Woodhouse (the Principal of Moore College since 2002) after his addresses at the Reform National Conference in Swanick, UK, in October 2001.

  1. When to Unite and When to Divide.” The Briefing 279 (Dec. 2001).
  2. The Unity of the Church.” The Briefing 281 (Feb. 2002).
  3. Christian Unity and Denominations.” The Briefing 284 (May 2002).


The introduction to the first article and his conclusions to all three give the sense of his argument:

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