John Piper’s Tribute to Tom Steller

StellerPiperIn this picture from September 1, 2015, John Piper has his arm around Tom Steller. They are in a staff meeting for Bethlehem Baptist Church, and John Piper is praising God for Tom Steller’s serving Bethlehem for 35 years. Here’s a transcript of what Piper said:

I taught Bible at Bethel for six years, 1974–1980. Tom took six of my courses, four in Greek and two exegesis courses. (I know that because it’s in my journal.) And at the end of those six courses the die was cast for a lifetime of partnership in Christian Hedonism, and the Piper-Steller fabric began to be woven. We have loved and praised and served the same glorious God on the same basis of glorious Scripture for 40 years together. [Read more…]

No Regrets, No Retreat: Episode 8 (China) of Dispatches from the Front DVD Series

The latest episode of the edifying and motivating Dispatches from the Front DVD Series released last Friday: No Regrets, No Retreat   . It is set in China.


100-second trailer:

My wife and three daughters enjoyed watching this episode together on Easter a few weeks ago.


By the way, Tim Keesee just launched his own website, which includes a blog. He tells the backstory about this episode on China in his post “Beginning with Impossible.”

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Dispatches from the Front: Stories of Gospel Advance in the World’s Difficult Places

dispatchesJustin Taylor describes my friend Tim Keesee exactly right in his foreword to Tim’s new book:

Tim Keesee. Dispatches from the Front: On Gospel Transformation, Suffering, and Witness. Wheaton: Crossway, 2014.

(You may recall Tim Keesee from his telling the stories in the Dispatches from the Front DVDs by Frontline Missions.)

Here’s Justin Taylor’s foreword (pp. 11–13): [Read more…]

New Dispatches from the Front DVD: The Power of His Rising

The newest film in the Dispatches from the Front series is episode 6: The Power of His Rising .


I love these DVDs because they widen my limited perspective on how God is working right now in other places in the world.

My family watched episode 6 a few weeks ago and loved it. It focuses on how a Christian family from South Carolina is spreading the gospel in a “closed” country in South Asia, gaining access with their business skills to operate an excellent coffee shop. Ingenious. [Read more…]

Training Leaders International Adds a New International Trainer: David Crabb

CrabbsJenni and I love David and Stephanie Crabb, and we’re so excited that we’ll be uniting in Minneapolis. The Crabbs are transitioning there for David to serve as an International Trainer for Training Leaders International, a strategic missions ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church.