John Piper’s Tribute to Tom Steller

StellerPiperIn this picture from September 1, 2015, John Piper has his arm around Tom Steller. They are in a staff meeting for Bethlehem Baptist Church, and John Piper is praising God for Tom Steller’s serving Bethlehem for 35 years. Here’s a transcript of what Piper said:

I taught Bible at Bethel for six years, 1974–1980. Tom took six of my courses, four in Greek and two exegesis courses. (I know that because it’s in my journal.) And at the end of those six courses the die was cast for a lifetime of partnership in Christian Hedonism, and the Piper-Steller fabric began to be woven. We have loved and praised and served the same glorious God on the same basis of glorious Scripture for 40 years together. [Read more…]

What Makes a Person Beautiful

Two quotes from John Piper:

1. “How Shall People Be Saved? Part 1,” a sermon preached to Bethlehem Baptist Church on June 1, 2003 (transcript of the audio from 12:22 to 12:51; not in the manuscript):

There are a lot of women—probably some in this church—who spend a lot of time on their hair and a lot of time on their eyes and a lot of time on their lips and a lot of time on their clothes and their feet and don’t spend any time on becoming beautiful. . . . This [i.e., Rom 10:13–21] is a text about what makes a person beautiful.

2. “Her Body, Her Self, and Her God,” Taste & See, October 28, 1997:

Expressing God, not self, is what a godly woman wants to do. Excessive preoccupation with figure and hair and complexion is a sign that self, not God, has moved to the center. With God at the center—like the “sun,” satisfying a woman’s longings for beauty and greatness and truth and love—all the “planets” of food and dress and exercise and cosmetics and posture and countenance will stay in their proper orbit.

One of my prayers: “Lord, may my three daughters grow up to be as beautiful as their mother.”


  1. John Piper, “Feminine Beauty in God’s Eyes,” Ask Pastor John, Episode 268, January 31, 2014.
  2. True Beauty

Calvinism: Deeply Experiencing God’s Grace

5pointsIn some circles Calvinism unfortunately has a reputation for being sinfully contentious, especially when self-labeled Calvinists are arrogant and when non-Calvinists misunderstand what Calvinism really is.

This 94-page book should help:

John Piper. Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace. Fearn, Scotland: Christian Focus, 2013.

It’s available as a free PDF.

[Read more…]

Does God Desire All to Be Saved? Are There Two Wills in God?

I’ve probably read this essay slowly about a half-dozen times:

John Piper. “Are There Two Wills in God?” Pages 107–31 in Still Sovereign: Contemporary Perspectives on Election, Foreknowledge, and Grace. Edited by Thomas R. Schreiner and Bruce A. Ware. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2000.

It’s an incredibly helpful guide.

I’ve even preached its essence a few times (e.g., in 2008: MP3 | outline).

Untitled-1So I’m delighted that Piper has expanded the essay into a short book: [Read more…]