T4G Live

Andy Naselli —  February 11, 2009 — 5 Comments

My soul has feasted on the Together for the Gospel Live CD many times in the last couple of months. It features the rich hymns that over 5,000 of us sang at T4G in April 2008.

This CD is on sale this month for only $6 with free shipping in the continental US. (Sovereign Grace Ministries is also selling other books and CDs at reduced prices this month.)


5 responses to T4G Live

  1. Andy,

    Is that hand raised on the cover Scott Aniol’s or Chris Anderson’s? :)

  2. Andy,

    Are you sure that they are selling 5 CD’s for $10. I could be wrong, but I think $10 is the individual CD price if you my a quantity of 5 or more (does not reflect the sale price). That is the impression I get when I look at their other products: http://tinyurl.com/yjlxwn. No biggie, just checking.

  3. Yeah, I emailed SGM about that early this morning to double-check. I haven’t heard back yet.

  4. Wow. Sold. Nice recommendation, bro.

  5. Just got the official word from SGM:

    “The $10 volume discount price is a per/CD price. The volume price is currently obsolete since the individual CD price has been reduced to $6 during February (normally it is $12).”

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