Theological writings

Note on 8/4/2012: I prepared this page in 2006 and only lightly edited it a few times after that.

  • Asterisks (*) indicate my favorite resources.

1. Ministries

  1. *9 Marks and Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Mark Dever)
  2. Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
  3. Banner of Truth Trust
  4. The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  5. Denver Seminary’s journal and bibliographies (e.g., OT, NT)
  6. *Desiring God (John Piper): Resource Library, including over twenty free e-books. (Cf. “What You Will Find on Our Site.”)
  7. *Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary: journal, short articles, basic library booklist, MACP, Rice lectures, Missions Mandate
  8. *The Gospel Coalition: Who We Are, council members, foundational docs (preamble, confessional statement, theological vision for ministry), resources, Themelios
  9. Grace to You and Grace Community Church (John MacArthur)
  10. Monergism
  11. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: resources
  12. *Together for the Gospel (T4G)
  13. WTS Books

2. Individuals

  1. *Kevin Bauder: In The Nick of Time is a series of thoughtful short essays published each Friday afternoon
  2. *D. A. Carson (bio): published articles as PDFs
  3. Rod Decker (bio)
  4. Jonathan Edwards (bio)
  5. Jim Hamilton (bio)
  6. Robert V. McCabe (bio)
  7. *Douglas J. Moo (bio): includes PDFs of nearly thirty superb articles by a first-class Pauline scholar
  8. John Owen: run by Justin Taylor
  9. Charles Spurgeon: “The Spurgeon Archive” (bio): run by Phil Johnson

3. E-Reference

  1. includes forthcoming commentaries, the top two commentaries on each book of the Bible, OT commentaries, NT commentaries, series, authors
  2. Bible Geocoding: “the location of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible” via Google Earth’s satellite photography
  3. BibleWorks: “Software for Biblical Exegesis and Research” (not free); cf. Phil Gons’s comparison
  4. Center for the Study of NT Manuscripts (Daniel Wallace, executive director)
  5. *Logos Bible Software: “Advanced Technology for Eternal Truth” (not free). See my posts on Logos.
  6. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae: TLG “has collected and digitized most texts written in Greek from Homer (8 c. B.C.) to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453 and beyond. Its goal is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era” (about). It’s an amazing tool and requires a subscription for full access.
  7. Theopedia: “an encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity,” a theological version of Wikipedia (cf. about)

4. Links Compiled by Others

  1. William D. Barrick (bio)
  2. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
  3. Craig E. Evans (bio)
  4. Phil Johnson’s Bookmarks (bio)
  5. Andreas Köstenberger
  6. NT Gateway (Mark Goodacre)
  7. Tyndale House
  8. Westminster Theological Seminary