Note on 8/4/2012: I prepared this page in 2006 and only lightly edited it a few times after that.

  • A wealth of MP3s are available for downloading, including sermons, lectures, and interviews, and these are especially efficient for those with media audio players like iPods.
  • Asterisks (*) indicate my favorite resources.

1. General collections

  1. about fifty seminary-level courses taught by over twenty different professors
  2. ChristianAudio: free e-book download each month
  3. The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: sermons, conferences
  4. Faith by Hearing: notes new MP3s as they become available
  5. Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding (about)
  6. Monergism
  7. Reforming My Mind: organized by individuals and organizations (cf. the individuals below)

2. Seminaries

  1. Central Baptist Theological Seminary: lectures and sermons
  2. Concordia Seminary (iTunes): seminary-level courses taught by CS professors
  3. *Covenant Theological Seminary (iTunes): over twenty seminary-level courses taught by CTS professors
  4. *Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary: lectures and sermons, most by DBTS professors
  5. The Master’s Seminary: lectures and sermons
  6. *Reformed Theological Seminary: over twenty seminary-level courses taught by RTS professors
  7. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: lectures and sermons
  8. Westminster Theological Seminary: lectures and sermons

3. Individuals/churches

  1. *Mike Bullmore (bio): a combination of John Piper and C. J. Mahaney (more MP3s here, here, and here)
  2. *D. A. Carson (bio): brilliant scholarship for the church; nearly 500 free MP3 downloads (updated regularly)
  3. Bryan Chapell (bio): more
  4. *Mark Dever (bio): The 9 Marks interviews and Henry Forums are especially enjoyable and edifying. More.
  5. *Dave Doran (bio)
  6. Ligon Duncan (bio): more
  7. Sinclair Ferguson (bio)
  8. Wayne Grudem (bio)
  9. Matthew Hoskinson (bio)
  10. S. Lewis Johnson (bio)
  11. *Tim Keller (bio)
  12. *John MacArthur (bio)
  13. *C. J. Mahaney (bio): hilarious, humble, practical, convicting. More.
  14. Carolyn Mahaney (bio): See Jenni Naselli’s recommendation.
  15. *Mark Minnick (bio): outstanding expositional preaching. Most downloads are not free, but some are.
  16. *Al Mohler (bio): sermons and speeches | radio
  17. J. I. Packer (bio)
  18. *John Piper (bio): passionate theology. More.
  19. Tom Schreiner (bio)
  20. *Carl Trueman (bio): clever, witty. Trueman couldn’t be boring if he tried.
  21. Bruce Ware (bio)