“Reflections on Logos Books and Print Books After Moving”

Phil Gons reflects on advantages of Logos books over print books after moving his his library from South Carolina across the country to Washington. I heartily agree with him!

Cf. “Are E-Books Riskier Than Print Books?” and “How Is an E-Library Superior to a Print Library?” in my review of Scholar’s Library: Gold (Logos Bible Software).


  1. David Bradford says

    Well, having moved over a thousand vols from the States to Spain and back, twice, I agree it would have been easier to put the Logos CDs in my carry on and not mess with all the white canvas MBags.

    However, I would rather not have to choose between the two. I love having both. Haven’t gotten used to taking my laptop to the bathroom (probably only male readers will relate to that problem). And I can’t imagine wasting hours of commute time in Atlanta traffic with nothing to read. My e-books from Logos Scholar’s Library as well as other sources do actually support both reading “rooms”, i.e., the small room with multiple water drains and the car. Especially while driving (read sitting still in traffic) I find my printed books cumbersome. But 12 to 25 pages of 8.5 X 11 paper neatly stapled together at the top-left corner works wonderfully for me. Having the e-book copies in addition to printed copies enables me to read while driving. I am excited to see Amazon and other offering an e-version of some books for only a few extra bucks (US currency) when I buy a printed copy! That way I can enjoy both.

    However, my memory isn’t that outstanding, so remember where I read something an ongoing problem. The e-book is huge here. Being able to electronically search multiple vols at once is really sweet. On that line, I’m finding the new addition of Books to Google very helpful.


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