MacArthur Study Bible in the NIV

I have a soft spot for The MacArthur Study Bible because it’s one of the first I read through (after this and then this a few times). I thank God for it—though I frequently wished that it was available in more translations than the NKJV. I was delighted when it expanded to the NASB and then the ESV.

Next year it will also be available in the NIV.

Thomas Nelson and Zondervan announced this yesterday:

For the first time, the world-renowned MacArthur Study Bible will be available in the 2011 updated New International Version (NIV) translation text. The Bible will feature John MacArthur’s original 20,000 study notes; an extensive topical index; and numerous charts, maps, outlines and articles.

Publishers Thomas Nelson Inc. and Zondervan are partnering on the project, with Zondervan licensing the NIV translation to Thomas Nelson, which will publish the Bible. The Bible is scheduled to release in Fall 2013.

“I’m delighted that The MacArthur Study Bible notes will now be easily accessible to NIV readers,” MacArthur says. “My prayer is that these insights and explanations, together with the acclaimed readability of the translation, will help illuminate the true meaning and unleash the divine power of Scripture for NIV readers.”

The MacArthur Study Bible is one of the leading study Bibles in the world, with more than 1 million copies distributed since its debut in 1997.

“This will be a life-changing study Bible that we believe will bring readers closer to God’s Word,” says Gary Davidson, Senior Vice-President and Publisher of Thomas Nelson’s Bible Group. “Our mission is to inspire the world through God’s Word, creating fertile minds in which God can plant seeds of hope and love. We are honored to bring together John MacArthur’s extensive study notes with the updated NIV translation; this Bible is sure to be a blessing to many.”

Following MacArthur’s verse-by-verse approach to biblical teaching, the NIV edition of The MacArthur Study Bible will be one of the most comprehensive study Bibles available.  The meticulously written contributions are packed with detailed information, explanations and helpful insights. This can transform a reader’s study time by clarifying difficult passages and bringing unseen cultural and historical details to life, helping the reader understand and apply Biblical truth to his or her life.

“This project has been in the discussion and planning phase for more than a year now,” says Chip Brown, Senior Vice-President and Publisher of Bibles at Zondervan. “We are thrilled and honored that Dr. MacArthur, one of the world’s leading and most trusted pastors, and a brilliant teacher who uses his gifts to help others live the Bible, has agreed to publish his renowned work in the updated NIV. The MacArthur Study Bible is certain to help millions more Christians engage and understand the Word of God.”


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  1. Ben Wright says

    Do you know if these are the standard notes, or will they be tailored to the NIV2011’s particular translation decisions & philosophy?

  2. says

    I don’t know anything beyond the above announcement. I suspect that the notes will be “the standard notes,” adjusted merely to comment on words and phrases that are translated differently.

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