Mark Dever Interviews Mark Minnick

The latest 9Marks interview by Mark Dever is now available: “Fundamentalism and Separation with Mark Minnick: Pastor and Bob Jones University professor Mark Minnick presents the case for the Fundamentalist doctrine of separation.”



  1. […] I just listened to Mark Dever’s interview with Mark Minnick, Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church and Professor at Bob Jones University, about the Fundamentalist doctrine of separation. To listen to this, go to 9 Marks Interviews. What is captivating about the interview is that both Mark Dever and Mark Minnick are articulate in their presentations. Besides being marked by a genuine humility and respect for each other, both Dever and Minnick provide an enlightening discussion of areas where they both agree and disagree. Though not all the questions on the subject of ecclesiastical separation are answered in this interview, overall discussion provides a helpful introduction to the issues related to the subject of ecclesiastical separation. Additional links for both speakers are available at Andy Naselli’s blog. […]

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