1. says

    I have never been to Dever’s church, but this is exactly the impression I got from the time I spent under the ministry of Minnick at MCBC.

    Don’t you think, Andy?

  2. Larry says

    I understand his point, though I am not convinced it is universally applicable.

    In my thinking, at least the world isn’t sending mixed messages about the gospel, which is the point of separation for fellow believers who do.

    I wonder if that point should be developed more.

  3. says

    Andy, when Dever writes,

    “To sum it up, I want my separation from the world to be more pronounced than my separation from other Christians.”

    This is exactly the impression I got from my time at MCBC.

    And I am wondering if you sensed the same?

    Lord bless,

  4. says

    Thanks for the clarification, Todd. I think that’s probably the case, but it could use some qualification, e.g., “more pronounced” to whom?

    1. To all without distinction? Or to “compromised” Christians? Or to “uncompromised” Christians? I’m not sure that’s the case (though it may be the desire).
    2. To unbelievers? That’s probably the case.

    How “pronounced” such separation is will vary depending on one’s viewpoint.

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