iPad App for Champ Thornton’s God’s Love: A Bible Storybook

champLast month I interviewed Champ Thornton about his children’s book God’s Love: A Bible Storybook.

Now the book is available as an iPad app.

Features include

  • 120 interactive story pages with text and spoken audio
  • Beautiful illustrations with full pinch and zoom
  • Presentation mode for teachers who want to display the artwork over AirPlay or through a VGA adapter

It’s well-done.


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  3. Theology for Kids
  4. Bible Memory for Young Children
  5. A Good Bible-Story Book with Thousands of Pictures
  6. iPad Resources


  1. Shayne McAllister says

    Champ was my Sunday School teacher in Jr. High (at your current church, Andy). I really appreciated his teachings then and now.

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