From John Piper to Jason Meyer: A Video Testimony from Meyer’s Installation Service

It was a joy to watch Jason Meyer‘s installation service Sunday night. (Bethlehem Baptist Church streamed it live.) After Tom Schreiner (Jason’s mentor) gave his charge to the church, they played this moving video that tells some of the back-story on how Bethlehem transitioned from John Piper to Jason Meyer:

Bethlehem just posted an “Installation Service Recap” that includes pictures.


Related: In May 2012 Justin Taylor interviewed John Piper and Jason Meyer about 48 hours after Bethlehem Baptist Church confirmed God’s call on Jason Meyer to succeed John Piper:

Praise God for this. Jenni and I are eager to join Bethlehem later this year.


  1. Daniel Kleven says

    This is so encouraging. What an inspiration to see God at work in the transition at Bethlehem. It gives me hope and stirs me up to press on in preparation and waiting and joyful trusting.

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