Free MP3s: 6 Hours by Miles Van Pelt on Old Testament Biblical Theology

This is rich. I’ve heard several people recommend them recently, and now I know why.

You can download the audio as stand-alone MP3s or via a new app, and you can read the transcripts.

The corresponding NT lectures are by Craig Blomberg (about 4 hours, 40 min.) and Tom Schreiner (about 4 hours, 15 min.). It’s good stuff, but in these recordings Miles Van Pelt is more engaging.


  1. says

    Andy, do you know if the handouts that Dr. Van Pelt mentions are anywhere online? I was interested in seeing the 8-box layout of the whole canon to make sure I have the same idea as he presented. Thanks!

  2. Jason Barber says

    Hey ya’ll. For those of you that are interested in getting those hand-outs, do what I did. I just emailed Prof Van Pelt and asked him for them, and he forwarded them to me. His email address is listed on his Reformed Theological Seminary website bio. He’s a neat guy and was quite helpful. Enjoy.

    In Him,

  3. Walter Stevens says

    I have listened to these lectures 4 times over the past few years. They have changed and improved the way I study the Bible. I also recommend reading Stephen Dempster’s Dominion and Dynasty (suggested to me by Miles Van Pelt).

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