ESV Gospel Transformation Bible

esvThis new study Bible releases this week:

Bryan Chapell, ed. Gospel Transformation Bible: English Standard Version. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013. 70-page PDF sample | 87-page PDF of Jeremiah.

My endorsement:

This study Bible wisely combines doctrine and devotion. Pitting doctrine against devotion is a false dichotomy because God intends them to go together. They are not mutually exclusive; one without the other is incomplete. As B. B. Warfield observed, “Recruiting officers do not dispute whether it is better for soldiers to have a right leg or a left leg: soldiers should have both legs.”

In this video, Dane Ortlund (the managing editor) interviews Bryan Chapell (the general editor):

See the book’s website for more.


  1. Kendall Harris says

    After receiving my copy earlier this week, I dug into it right away and was immediately rewarded by both it’s depth at places and it’s emphasis upon grace as the primary motivation for obedience. I am excited to recommend this Bible to the people. Thanks, Andy, for drawing attention to this Study Bible!

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