Contributing to the Evangelical Drudge Report

For the next week, I’ll be blogging occasionally for a friend on vacation. He’s known online in several ways:

  1. Justin Taylor (Crossway | Reformation 21 | New Attitude)
  2. JT: Cf. what Josh Harris humorously wrote on Dec. 20, 2007:
    • In case you didn’t notice, practically everything I put on this site originally appeared on Justin Taylor’s site, Between Two Worlds. I’m thinking of renaming my site “HT:JT” which means “Hat tip to Justin Taylor” (a Hat-tip is a term for recognizing that it was brought to your attention by someone else).
  3. Between Two Worlds
  5. the evangelical Drudge Report (which is actually pretty accurate!)

JT is a real blogger. I’m not. That’s why he asked three people to take the reins while he is away! Anyway, I mention this because the one or two posts that I might have published here over the next week will probably end up on JT’s blog.


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