Carson’s 7-Minute Extemporaneous Overview of The Gospel Coalition

In my recent post “D. A. Carson: ‘Making Sense of Suffering,'” I wrote this:

DAC also led a pastor’s session on “Preaching and Biblical Theology.”

After his hour-long address on biblical theology, DAC was asked to “say something about The Gospel Coalition” (59:24 to 1:06:10 in the MP3). Since people often ask, “What exactly is The Gospel Coalition?”, I turned DAC’s useful extemporaneous overview of TGC into this 7-minute MP3.


  1. from my recommended theological writings page: *The Gospel Coalition (D. A. Carson, Tim Keller, et al.): “Who We Are,” council members, foundational docs (preamble, confessional statement, theological vision for ministry), resources (including video interviews and video Q&A), and Themelios
  2. from my post “TGC Videos“: Introduction to The Gospel Coalition (In order of appearance: Carson, Dever, Ryken, Keller, Harris, Anyabwile, Mahaney, Carson, Keller, Piper)

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