America’s Best Colleges 2009

That’s the title of a recent article on that ranks 600 schools. (Cf. the ranking methodology.)

Some highlights (including #279):

HT: A. J. Gibson


  1. David King says

    After reading their explanation of the four-year graduation benchmark, I still find this to be odd at least, especially when they are also weighting student loan debt heavier. Perhaps it grows from my personal experience of working my way through my degrees, but the epiphany came when I realized that there was no federal law requiring a degree to be completed in four years. It took me five years. My grades improved. I graduated with no debt. And I grew up an awful lot by taking responsibility for life r/th sponging off my parents.

  2. Becca Phillips says

    How do they weigh not being regionally accredited? I realize accreditation may or may not have anything to do with the actual quality of the education, but it can have a LOT to do with opportunities after graduation, especially when it comes to admission for grad school and certification in some fields. You have some experience with this, no?

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