Administration : Faculty :: Shaft : Tip of the Spear

abellIn a recent chapel message at Bethlehem College & Seminary, Jason Abell explains why administration is important.

Jason is BCS’s Vice President for Administration. I am so encouraged by this message and by the interaction I’ve had with Jason and others at BCS. (I’m eager to join the team in several months.)

I’ve witnessed some situations where the relationship between a school’s faculty and administration is unhealthy. Not good.

Jason closes with a provocative analogy that I hadn’t heard someone (let alone an administrator) apply to administration and faculty before:

administration : faculty :: shaft : tip of the spear

That is,

  • administration = the shaft, the wood that holds the tip of the spear
  • faculty = the tip of the spear
  • the spear = one thing (or to change the metaphor: one body—and both faculty and administration are members of that body)

Watch the video (less than 23 minutes):

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